Jason Correia Music Group


Young Legend

Dennis E. Echebiri Aka Young Legend who goes by the alias "YL" from Boston, MA born March 11th, 1994 is an up and coming Hip-Hop/R&B Recording artist signed to Jason Correia's Music Group or JCMG, an independent record label stationed in Easton MA . He's been making music for sevden years now and that's the whole concept behind his Sophomore Mixtape/ "Five Years Strong". He and his manager Jason Correia have been working together since Spring 2012. Jason now runs his own booking and promotions company, and has booked several national acts. When Young Legend isn't with his manager, he's either in the studio or behind the computer screen promoting his music. This is one talented artist and the music speaks for itself. He can get you with that up tempo, heavy bass style of rap or that toned down, soft style of R&B, He can do it all. He considers himself a "Hip-Rock" artist, which is an artist who influences hip hop music with rock n' roll. He is also a web designer, Audio Engineer and Producer. He's always making sure that the people get the high quality of music and that they enjoy what he offers to them. He is set to go on 2-3 National Tours, the first being with RCA artist King Los. Watch out for YL in 2015.


Gavi is the newest member of The Legend Mobb. His lyrics are dangerous and his talent is growing quickly. His first project under JCMG "East Bound And Down" is set to drop in the Spring.